Pet Stuff – Tossing Time

Tossing Time for Pet Stuff – it’s that time to check your pet supplies . Just as we humans go through our closets and dressers at regular intervals, we must do the same for our pets . Veterinarians advise that cleaning and repairing or tossing out equipment is an important step in keeping your pet healthy.

For example I’m not fan of retractable leashes . I believe they are dangerous for both you and your dog . injuries resulting from them can be horrific . They sometimes train your dog to pull even more, something that is not acceptable . You have little control to keep your dog safe . Consider instead using a 6 foot leash that will give you more control and keep you and your dog safe .

Plastic food and water dishes may be inexpensive but can be costly to the health of your pet . They will breakdown eventually and contain toxic chemicals that get into your pets food . Plastic is difficult to clean thoroughly and can be a haven for bacteria . Pieces of plastic dishes can break off and be swallowed by your pets . Choose stainless steal, porcelain or glass dishes .

Collars wear with age . They can become really dirty . They will stretch out or if the pet has grown, become too tight. A dirty collar rubbing on your pet’s neck can cause an infection . Purchase a new color making sure it’s the correct size for your pet . You should be able to slide 2 fingers under the collar to make sure it fits properly.

Cutting edges of nail clippers should be sharp . Dull edges can cause damage to nails, splitting or crushing them . You can have the clippers sharpened or purchase new ones . Alternatively, you can up to use one of the battery operated rotary tools available.

If your pet is a tiger with toys, make sure they are in one piece. Immediately discard all broken toysd so that your pet doesn’t ingestd any broken parts that can become lodged in the throat or GI tract. Sometimes a small piece will soon come out in poop, but if not, this can be a life-threatening situation that may require surgery. Don’t let your pet play with any toys that have small pieces such as plastic eyes, buttons, etc. Check toys regularly and wash dirty ones. When purchasing toys, be sure to check labels to make sure they are made of non-toxic material. Check all toys at least once a week.

Some pets like to chew on their bed or beddings . Check often to see if everything is in one piece . Repair or discard any bed or bedding that can become a choking hazard .

Be a vigilant pet guardian and keep him/her safe and healthy.

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