Choosing the Right Place to Stable Your Horse

Horse in Stable

The ideal place for your horse is close to home, but that’s not always possible. Here are some ideas of what to look for when stabling your horse.

  • Cleanliness is very important to your horse’s health. Are the stable stalls cleaned out daily? Does the stable smell relatively fresh? Is is bright and airy without being drafty?
  • Horses can become bored which can lead to unwelcome behavior. A horse should not be confined to a stall, preferably just overnight or in really bad weather. If you are not able to exercise your horse daily, is there a paddock or field where your horse can safely roam? Are the fences in good repair?
  • Is the cost of feed included in boarding fees? Do you want to provide your own feed for the horse?
  • Is clean water and salt always available for your horse?
  • If medications and/or supplements are necessary, can the stable be trusted to see that the horse gets them at the proper time and proper amounts?
  • Is the stable structure safe without any hazards to your horse?
  • Are they prepared for any emergencies that might arise? Does the stable have a fire extinguisher, First Aid Kits, a phone and anyother emergency equipment?
  • Are the stalls safe enough that horses can’t cause injury to one another?

Of course cost is always a factor, but don’t skimp on the health and safety of your horse.

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