Pet-Proof Your Home

Cat Blinds

Our homes are sanctuaries for our pets. But often, things we take for granted, part of our everyday lives, can pose dangers to them. Here are some tips that can help avoid serious situations for our pets.

Some pets are capable of opening cabinets, drawers or closets. Sometimes we forget to close them. To avoid any accidents, place secure closures on them first making sure not to close your pet inside.

Cats love playing with yarn or string. But if either is swallowed , they can twist around intestines causing serious complications. Keep these items out of reach.

Seal electric outlets with baby-proof plugs. Try to avoid leaving wires accessible to pets. Coverings can be used for wires or coat them with something distasteful to pets. When appliances are not in use, unplug them.

Go green in your house and garden. Use products proven safe for pets if paws are licked or fumes inhaled.

Secure garbage can lids. Store where your pet can’t reach them.

Plastic bags, small toys, office supplies, sewing and craft supplies can be deadly if swallowed by your pet. Keep these articles in secure containers and store where your pet can’t get to them.

Watch pets carefully when candles are lit. Scented candle fumes are dangerous to birds.

Washer and dryer doors should always be closed. Before and after using, check to see that no pets have found their way inside these appliances. Open refrigerator doors can be very tempting for pets, so be careful.

Undo loops in curtain and window blind cords so pets won’t become tangled in them.

Don’t leave medications or any toxic substances such as potpourri where pets can reach them.

Water-filled tubs and raised toilet seats are a drowning danger for birds, kittens and puppies. Keep a close watch on pets.

Ceiling fans, aquariums and open windows are a threat to birds when out of the cage.

Avoid giving pets access to the garage. Watch for pets when automatic garage doors are in use. Check under car hoods as cats often like to hide there. Garage floors can be covered with anti-freeze which is deadly to pets.

For pets that are missing a limb, spread non-skid mats in most-traveled areas.

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