Are You a Good Pet Neighbor?

Neighbor Dog

As pet lovers, we know the joy of sharing our lives with these wonderful creatures. Most people enjoy the company of pets as long as they are well-behaved. You can ensure that your pets are good neighbors by following a few simple suggestions.

A dog’s constant barking can grate on one’s nerves. Train your dog to be quiet at your command.

If your dog enjoys greeting people by jumping on them, warn anyone nearby. Better yet, train your dog not to jump up. This can be a dangerous habit especially if your dog jumps on a child or elderly person.

Invest in a secure fence, one that your dog can’t jump over or dig under.

There are special fences to keep your cat confined to your yard. There’s another advantage to these fences – they keep other animals out.

Teach your pet basic commands – sit, lie down, stay, come. Cats will respond to basic commands as well. With their keen sense of hearing, try clicker training your cat to come when hearing the clicker.

When taking your dog for a walk, be prepared to clean up after him/her. Nobody wants to step in dog poop and in most places cleaning up after your pet is the law.

Rabbits love to chew and can destroy your neighbor’s garden. Don’t leave your rabbit outdoors unattended. You can use a harness and leash to keep your rabbit in your yard.

A well-behaved pet will keep your neighbors happy and you too.

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