ALERT – Dental Sure

ALERT – Dental Sure, a mouth rinse or spray for dogs and cats has proven harmful to dogs.

Although not listed on the label of ingredients, it contains Xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is lethal to dogs in very small doses. A package of Tic Tacs which contains xylitol, can kill a 65 lb. dog.

The manufacturer claims that all ingredients are natural and that it is used as a spray, it is not to be ingested. The manufacturer obviously is not aware that dogs can’t read and will ingest this product. The company further claims that because it is a rinse and not a food product or drug, it is not held to the same labeling standards.

Ms. Barbara Nalette, Director of Volunteer Services at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, did us a great service when she investigated and took the product to a Natural Food store and used their scanner to check ingredients and found that Dental Sure contains xylitol. The scanner shows all ingredients on a screen, not only those listed on the label. It is used mainly by people with allergies. Ms. Nalette also said the company did not deny using xylitol in Dental Sure.

Please check labels and do not feed your dog anything that contains xylitol such as diet foods.

Please pass this information on to every dog owner you know.

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