Exercising Senior Horses

Horse in Stable

Exercise is very important for everyone, even senior horses. Senior horses need daily exercise to maintain good body form and all around good health, although they may need special attention.

Know your senior’s limitations. If s/he has any physical or medical problems, check with your veterinarian as to the intensity of the exercise that is recommended.

Warm-ups help your horse prepare before taking on more serious workouts. Assess your horse’s condition every day to determine how much activity is appropriate.

After any activity – riding, jumping, even walking – examine your horse’s legs for any swelling, excessive heat or lumps. Treat anything out of the ordinary. If there’s no improvement by the following day, contact your vet. Your horse may need leg wraps, anti-inflammatories or whatever the vet prescribes.

If you’re not sure about the amount of exercise that is right for your senior horse, consult with your vet.

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