Farm Animals

A Cow’s Social Standing

We know that cats, dogs, birds, horses, to name a few of our pets, have their own individually defined personalities. So why not cows! Researchers say yes. That’s no surprise to dairy farmers who spend enough time with their cows to be able to tell you who’s the boss, which ones are friendly and which […]

Exotic Farm Animals


Llamas have been domesticated practically longer than any other animal in the world. More than 5,000 years ago, in the South American Andes Mountains, with their agile, padded feet, llamas were used to carry loads over difficult trails. Four species form what is called New World Camelids – llamas, alpacas, guanacos and vicunas. Along with […]

Farm Animals


Do donkeys make good pets? Donkeys are great pets for people who are knowledgeable about them. Jacks are ungelded males and a little more difficult to tame. Jennys are female donkeys. Unless you have experience with donkeys, it’s best to start with a tame one. Donkeys need lots of space, at least 2 acres of […]

Farm Animals


Do Pigs make good pets? Pigs have been here since before the Ice Age. They are highly intelligent and social animals. They train quickly and easily with positive reinforcement. They may try to dominate and need firm, patient but kind discipline. With a harness and leash, pigs should be taken out for walks. They can […]

Farm Animals


Although goats are usually considered farm animals and not pets, their friendly nature and natural curiosity make them good pets. The most common breeds kept as pets are the dwarf or pygmy varieties. Contents 1 Choosing a goat 2 Care 3 Nutrition 4 Video 5 External links Choosing a goat Some things to consider when […]

Chickens Farm Animals


The Orpington breed was created in 1886 by William Cook, who crossed Minorcas, Langshans and Plymouth Rocks, and named the breed after his hometown. He first created black Orpingtons and then went on to create white, buff and blue colored. The original purpose of the breed was to be dual-purpose, for both egg and meat […]

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Frizzles are a popular chicken breed due to its backwards feathers which give it a striking appearance. Frizzle feathering apparently originated in south east Asia where it was recorded around 300 years ago. Frizzles can be introduced into any breed of chicken, but Frizzle is now recognized as a separate breed as well. They are […]

Farm Animals


Cows are extremely efficient animals. They provide milk (and its products, such as butter and cheese). They produce manure for your garden as well. Cows have been bred to belong to one of two types – milk cows and meat cows. Contents 1 Choosing a cow 2 Housing 3 Care 4 Nutrition 5 Video Choosing […]

Farm Animals


In recent years, keeping sheep as pets has become more popular. Sheep are not the classic pet, since it is not in their nature to be cuddly and affectionate. However, a bottle-fed lamb will learn to trust humans and respond well to human contact. Caring for a lamb can be a great way to teach […]