Do Pigs make good pets?

Pigs have been here since before the Ice Age. They are highly intelligent and social animals. They train quickly and easily with positive reinforcement. They may try to dominate and need firm, patient but kind discipline. With a harness and leash, pigs should be taken out for walks. They can even be trained to use a litter box. They can be taught many tricks. Pigs get along well with other pets. They are really clean animals and should have regular baths and grooming. In hot weather they love to splash about in a pool.
Potbellied pigs, the usual pet pig, can weigh 100-125 lbs. full-grown. Care should be taken with feeding as overeating can make a pig balloon to an unhealthy weight. Food made especially for pigs can be found at your pet store or feed store.

As pets pigs are quiet, odor-free and non-allergenic. They are fun, affectionate pets.


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