Pionus Parrot

White Crowned Parrot

There are 8 different species of Pionus Parrot, but only 5 are available as pets – Blue-Headed Parrot, Maximillian’s Parrot, White-Capped Parrot, Dusky Parrot and Bronze-Winged Parrot. They are all medium-sized birds and have similar personalities, but coloring is different.

The Pionus has a gentle, sensitive nature. Take time with training as they can be shy creatures and should be handled gently. The Pionus is not stubborn and will obey commands if you go slowly. The more attention your bird receives, the sooner it will bond with you and learn. The Pionus is not a talker and is quieter than other parrots. It can mimic a bit, but the words may not be clear.

A large cage is suitable for the Pionus – 2 feet tall, 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep. Bar spaces should be no more than 3/4-1 inch.

Like all parrots, the Pionus has a good sized beak, but not a very strong one. It’s bite won’t inflict serious damage, usually may just breaks the skin. Hardwood toys can’t be destroyed, but they enjoy chewing softer woods such as pine and toys made of knotted cotton (be careful with any loose strings), leather and sisal.

The lifespan of a Pionus is about 25 years, sometimes more barring accidents. It is recommended that you clip your bird’s wings even if they never go outdoors. Windows or doors left open are an invitation for your bird to fly away.

Diet for a Pionus is a good quality bird pellet with the addition of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Never give your bird anything salty or high in fat, avocado, chocolate, alcohol or caffeine. Always provide fresh drinking water.

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