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Where is the Finch from? Finches and members of the Finch family can be found in the Northern Hemisphere and Africa. What does the Finch look like? There are many colorful varieties of finch available. Other families of birds referred to as finches are waxbills, buntings and American sparrows. Lifespan for most of these birds […]

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Lorikeets are very colorful, playful birds. There are a number of varieties, but not all are kept as pets. They are sometimes called honeyeaters as their favorite food is nectar. Lorikeets can be found in the East Indies area and western Pacific including 7 species in Australia. Most lorikeets are green with red and yellow […]

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Contents 1 Benefits of Raising Chickens as Pets 2 Things to Consider 3 Nutrition 4 The Chicken Coop 5 Breeds 6 Video Benefits of Raising Chickens as Pets Chickens can be very friendly and entertaining and are easily trained, even as adults. They will come running when offered a treat. Baby chicks are particularly fun […]

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Brahmas came to the United States from Asia in 1846. They reached England in 1853 when Queen Victoria was presented with a quill pen made from a Brahma feather. Brahmas were then known for their excellent laying characteristics, but breeding for color has reduced these abilities. Brahmas come in light, dark, buff and partridge. They […]

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Parrots make particularly amusing pets. The Parrot Family is quite large, the smallest being the Parrotlet and the largest is the Macaw, with all sizes and colors in between. Most parrots can be taught many words and even sentences. With patience, they learn to obey commands and do tricks. Some bond to one person while […]

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Where does the Cockatiel come from? The Cockatiel is native to inland Australia. It inhabits the wetlands and bush. As Australia does not allow the export of native wildlife, Cockatiels are bred in captivity. What does the Cockatiel look like? The Cockatiel is kin to the Cockatoo, but smaller. The Cockatiel’s yellow crest is erect […]

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Rainbow-billed Toucan

What is the native habitat of the Rainbow-billed Toucan? The Rainbow-billed Toucan is found in the jungles of Mexico, Central America and South America. They make their nests in hollowed-out spots in trees. The Rainbow-billed Toucan is the national bird of Belize. What does the Rainbow-billed Toucan look like? This bird is 17-22 inches long […]