Scarlet Macaws

Parrots make particularly amusing pets. The Parrot Family is quite large, the smallest being the Parrotlet and the largest is the Macaw, with all sizes and colors in between.

Most parrots can be taught many words and even sentences. With patience, they learn to obey commands and do tricks. Some bond to one person while others will welcome anyone’s attention. Socializing your parrot at an early age can eliminate any problems.

When choosing a parrot, find the one that you can easily handle. Think about cage size, most parrots require large cages. And the amount of cleanup matches the size of your bird. Does your lifestyle allow you to spend the needed amount of time with your parrot?. Are you prepared to budget a certain amount of money monthly for the care of your parrot? Do you have access to an avian veterinarian? These are some of the questions you should think about before purchasing a parrot. Talk to people who own parrots, gather all the information you can. Then you’ll be ready to make an informed decision and give your parrot the right home.

List of Parrots

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