Your First Bird


You’ve done your research and decided a bird is the pet for you. And you have your heart set on a particular bird, but are unsure about it as a first-time bird owner. Remember that all birds are intelligent creatures that require care and love.

How much room do you have for a cage and any other equipment your bird may need. A large bird will require a very large cage.

Birds can bite. The size of your bird and his/her beak will determine bite power. If you are fearful about being bitten (your bird can sense this and take advantage of the situation), it may be best to consider a smaller bird.

If you choose a bird that can learn to talk, how much time can you devote to training? To playtime and interacting with your bird?

Some birds have very loud, squawky voices. Are you sensitive to noise? Will the neighbors complain?

Are you willing to put up with a bit of a mess such as food and other droppings? The larger the bird, the bigger the cleanup.

Large birds and some smaller birds have beaks that can do damage to clothing, furniture, rugs, curtains, etc. It’s something to think about before purchasing a birds.

Many birds have long lifespans. Are you ready to make a commitment to the care of your bird that could encompass many years?

It’s very important to thoroughly do your research before making your decision. Ask questions of other bird owners, your veterinarian, an avian specialist. Learn the needs and general personality of the bird you’ve chosen. Then be sure you can mesh with the bird’s personality and meet all of his/her needs.

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