The Cost of Having a Bird


The cost of the bird itself can be a small expense or the biggest one depending on your choice of species. A parakeet can be about $20 while a Macaw can be thousands of dollars.

The initial cost of equipment also varies greatly with the size of the bird you choose. Cages can be as little as $50 or as high as $1000 and everything in-between.

Some cages come already equipped with perches and food and water bowls. Otherwise you have to add the cost of these items.

You’ll want a ladder, a swing and some toys. Larger birds need larger, stronger toys which can be more costly. A play stand can be anywhere between $25 and $200.

You’ll need a nail clipper, wing scissors and styptic powder which are relatively inexpensive, less than $10 each. A bird bath for smaller birds is also less than $10.

If you ask your veterinarian to cut nails and clip wings, you’ll have to consider the cost of a visit.

A travel carrier is necessary for vet visits or for other trips. They cost about $25-$75.

Then there are routine vet exams, vaccinations, microchipping. Other ongoing expenses include bird seed, treats, fruits and veggies, vitamins and supplements. At some point food and water dishes and toys will need to be replaced. And of course, the larger the bird, the higher the costs will be.

Before you decide on a pet bird, please be sure you want to make the commitment that could mean many years of care for the bird.

Of course there are some things that can’t be measured in cost such as the joy of having a bird to love.

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