Starfish make attractive additions to any aquarium. They are really not fish, but called echinoderms and are often referred to as “sea stars.” Their unique shape of 5 arms form the star.

The average size of a starfish is 5-8 inches from head to star point. Life span is 5-10 years. Colors can be pink, gray, brown, blue and red, all in various shades.

While there are more than 1800 species, the common starfish is kept as a pet.

Starfish are not very active. They keep mainly to the tank bottom and will move slowly searching for food.

They are saltwater creatures and should be kept with saltwater fish. Be sure to check the salinity of the tank water regularly. Check with your dealer as to proper ratios. An instrument called a hydrometer will measure salinity. Water temperature should be between 72 and 76 degrees.

Starfish are carnivores and eat snails and live fish.

Saltwater tanks can be more difficult to set up, so research the subject well. Starfish are not for beginners as they often do not do well in captivity.

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