Should Your Bird Live Cage-Free

Many people feel that because birds in the wild fly free, they should not be caged at home. While in theory it sounds great, it is really not practical or safe for your bird.

Of course our pet birds do have cage-free time when we are able to supervise them. But left alone to their own devices, birds are bound to get into trouble. Your home is not the great outdoors and can present many dangers for a pet bird.

While we try to bird-proof our homes to limit hazards that could be harmful to our birds, it’s impossible to make everything perfect. Electrical appliances, electrical cords, furniture, cabinets (with sharp claws and beaks these can be opened), carpets, curtains, fans, even the walls are not safe from prying beaks. There is nothing off-limits to a curious bird. They can fly too fast and out of our reach to save them.

Think of your bird’s cage as a place of refuge and safety for your pet.

My Mom had a parakeet named Sabra who had the run of the house during the day. Of course my Mom was there all the time to make sure no harm came to Sabra. If she had to leave the house, it was cage time for Sabra. As soon as the sun started going down, Sabra would sit on his cage perch, talk to himself and then enter the cage. He knew it was bedtime and after consistent training, would enter the cage himself. He understood that the cage was not a place of confinement, but a place offering security.

All that being said, there are people who allow their birds to be cage-free all the time without any problems occurring. However, please keep in mind that it only takes one time for something to happen.

And please supervise your bird when s/he is cage-free.

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