Danger of Sleeping With Your Bird

Most of us who share our lives with animals enjoy snuggling up with them for a nap or night’s sleep. Some pets are large enough to take up more than half the bed when they stretch out. Others are a lot smaller and barely make a dent in the covers.

Your bird can be so trusting that nestled up against you, s/he falls into a deep sleep. And you do the same. That’s dangerous for your bird.

We tend to twist and turn in our sleep, having no control over these movements. Without realizing what’s happening, your bird can become trapped between your body and the mattress. While you may think broken bones will be a problem, the usual scenario is that your bird, unable to move, has suffocated.

As horrible as the picture this paints, you awaken to a tragic scene that could have been avoided.

In order to breathe properly, birds must expand their chests. Even if the bird’s head is exposed, there would be no room for the chest to expand to draw in a breath. Holding a bird too tightly can also limit its ability to breathe.

For these reasons, it’s very important to train your bird that nighttime means back to the cage to sleep. Some birds may make a fuss as they would much rather be close to you. But be consistent, offer a favorite treat in the cage as night falls. Choose a word that lets your bird know it’s time for bed.

For the bird’s own safety and your peace of mind, please don’t sleep with your bird.

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