Bird Bathing

Robin Bathing

As we all know, pet birds each have diferent personalities. Some enjoy bathing and playing in water and others will shy away from it.

Bathing should be part of your bird’s grooming experience, removing dirt and dust from feathers.

There are different methods to choose from to accustom your bird to bathing and you can opt for one that suits your bird.

The best time for your bird’s bath is the warmest part of the day. Remember to keep the area clear of drafts.

You can purchase a bird bathtub to fit the size of your bird or even use the kitchen sink. If your bird likes to dunk in the water, fill the sink or bird tub with about 2-3 inches of warm water, never hot or cold.

Your bird may be a bit timid at first and may feel more secure perching on your finger or your hand.

If your bird is fearful, place a shallow dish of water in the bottom of the cage. You can add a lettuce or spinach leaf to attract the bird. Leave him/her alone for a while. Eventually s/he will become curious enough to explore the dish and will soon be enjoying the water. Then you can increase the size of the bowl. Just be patient.

If your bird prefers spraying, use a fine, gentle mister, also filled with warm water.

A clear indication that your bird is ready for a bath is when he uses his drinking dish to bathe in. If he uses it frequently in this way, he’d probably enjoy frequent baths. Begin with a weekly bath and you can judge the frequency of bathing depending on how much your bird enjoys it.

You can bathe your bird more often when he’s molting as it will help shedding old feathers and soothe skin. And a bird whose native habitat is a tropical rainforest may enjoy bathing and misting more often.

Never force your bird into water. You want to make this an enjoyable experience for both of you.

And don’t forget the birds who visit your garden. You can attract many more birds by placing a birdbath or fountain in your garden. Choose one with a shallow rim and that can hold about 2 inches of water. A birdbath with a fountain is even more attractive to wild birds.

For winter months, a special birdbath heater or de-icer can be installed. DO NOT use antifreeze – it is toxic to birds as well as other animals.

Watching birds frolic in your garden birdbath will help ease a stressful day and give enjoyment to the birds as well.

NOTE: Watch out for those cats!

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