Clinical Trial for Dogs with TCC


Urinary transitional cell carcinoma, known as TCC, is a common tumor of the urinary bladder in dogs. The usual therapy for TCC includes the use of a chemotherapy drug (mitoxantrone) and piroxicam, a NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). This combination has not proved very effective.

Researchers have now opened a clinical study to evaluate a new chemotherapy protocol. Qualifying dogs are those just diagnosed or those resistant to other therapy as well as other criteria.

TCC in dogs is very similar to the same cancer in humans. Human studies using a drug called vinorelbine have shown promise. The study in dogs will evaluate the combination of vinorelbine with piroxicam.

If you are interested in the study and want further information, you can contact Dr. Andrea Flory, co-chair, Department of Medical Oncology, Animal Medical Center at voice mail: 212-329-8687 or E-mail: [email protected].

Other participating institutions are:

  • University of Georgia
  • Colorado State University
  • Southeast Veterinary Oncology
  • University of Wisconsin

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