Propolis-Hopeful Cancer Fighter

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Natural substances produced by honeybees when they ingest the nectar of flowers may prove to have anti-cancer properties.

Honey has very little water content and bacteria can barely live in that environment.

A study was conducted on mice before being injected with lung tumor cells. Propolin, royal jelly, caffeic acid, honey and bee venom were applied to the mice. Results showed that these natural bee products inhibited cancer cell growth and existing cancer cells were destroyed.

Propolis is what honeybees use honeycombs. In laboratory tests, both royal jelly and propolis shrank tumors.

Manuka honey from New Zealand, applied to the skin, was successfully used to treat skin cancer, ulcers resulting from radiation, stopping bacterial growth.

Israeli honey (brand name-Life-Mel Honey), when taken during chemotherapy treatments, has shown to lower side effects.

Royal jelly helps to rebuild the immune system during chemotherapy.

Propolis has been used since ancient times to fight all types of infections – bacterial, viral, even fungal infections. Bees use propolis to fight bacteria and viruses in the hive as well as to seal cracks and unwanted objects too heavy for them to move. Because it stimulates the immune system, propolis is better able to strengthen the body against cancer.

Caffeic acid, a compound in propolis, helps slow the growth and may kill cancer cells.

Besides being a natural form of sweetness, honey and its by-products are proving very beneficial to us and to our pets.

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