Rest in Peace Sam Simon

Sam Simon was a television writer and a producer, co-creator of the animated comedy, “The Simpsons.” But Sam’s most meaningful and central contribution to the world was his love and care for animals, helping their humans in the process.

Sam was born in 1955 and left this world too soon due to complications with terminal cancer.

Sam was not concerned with fame and fortune, his millions funded yearly the Sam Simon Foundation which was more than an ordinary animal shelter.

The Foundation sits on 6 acres of lawn complete with waterfalls and trees. Rescuing dogs from certain death at the hands of kill shelters, he hired trainers to give these dogs a new lease on life as service dogs.

Sam also helped low income families who wanted to be responsible pet owners but lacked funds. He provided mobile units able to perform spay/neuter to those families who otherwise could not afford the surgical procedures. His foundation offered free medical procedures for dogs to those people without funds to help their pets.

Sam’s efforts included other animals as well. Through his foundation, one of the ships of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was donated to the fleet. The ship is named MYSamSimon and assists in rescue operations protecting sea life that may be slaughtered or are injured.

One of Sam’s contributions to humanity is the Sam Simon Feeding Families program. The program is a vegan food bank helping families in need to put food on their tables. The fact that the program is a vegan food bank is in line with his love for all living beings.

Though given only 6 months to live at the time of his cancer diagnosis, Sam lived 3 more years. He left his $million estate to his favorite charities to continue his philanthropic work. The shows Sam produced continue to be enjoyed today. But Sam will be remembered best for helping all living creatures whether furred and 4-legged or not.

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