Hungary is home to many bird species. There are 373 species whose largest European populations are in Hungary. Birdwatching is a popular past-time in the country, especially in national parks. Some of the common birds are the Great Bustard, Saker, Imperial Eagle, Red-footed Falcon, Lesser White-fronted Goose, Aquatic Warbler,
Black and Grey Headed Woodpecker, Red Backed Shrike, and Barred Warbler.


The Hungarian Meadow Viper is the most endangered species in Hungary. The Budapest Zoo has opened a breeding center and rescue for vipers. Other endangered species in Hungary include the otter, the Griffon Vulture, the Waldrapp, the Przewalski Horse, the beaver and the Mole Rat.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is not considered a major public concern in Hungary.

Hungary is one of the world’s biggest exports of foie gras. Animal activists condemn the production of this food, as it involves the force-feeding of geese. The EU has been considering banning this industry amongst its member states, and the Hungarian government has been protesting a ban fiercely, out of fear for the effect a ban would have on Hungary’s economy.

In October 2010, a reservoir of an alumina plant burst, sending caustic mud gushing out in villages in Western Hungary. Animal welfare organizations were involved in rescuing and cleaning up animals.

List of Dog breeds bred in Hungary:

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