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Founded in 1824 The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals was the first charity of its kind anywhere in the world. In its maiden year no less than 63 offenders were taken to court by the society and in 18490 it was granted royal status by Queen Victoria, hence the Royal part. […]

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Highlights of the Year – 2011

Here are some of the important events that took place in 2011. And you made it all happen with your support of animal rights. We’ve won many battles, but the war continues. Let’s all help make 2012 even better. A Miracle in the Devastating Storms – In April, a twister in Alabama destroyed a family’s […]

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History of animal rights The ancient attitude toward animals was basically formed by the biblical Book of Genesis which gave Adam, and therefore all of humanity, “dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that […]

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Pup My Ride Rescues

A Best Friends Animal Society project, Pup My Ride, aims to get pets out of shelters into areas where they can more easily find their forever homes. Best Friends delivers the pups to places that have partnered with them. Thousands of puppy mill dogs face death yearly when those facilities claim they’ve outlived their “usefulness”, […]

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Rescue Five-O

Rescue Five-O is a three organization joint project with the No Kill Advocacy Center, No Kill Nation and Animal Wise Radio. They are sponsoring a campaign to rescue animals destined for death in shelters and pound of all 50 states. The idea is to reform the shelter system and work to make No Kill the […]

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Kentucky Derby Losers

Just to underscore our articles Horse Racing and Horse Racing Endings, 2 horses who ran in the 2011 Kentucky Derby have been severely injured. Archarcharch suffered a fractured left front leg and serious cartilage damage. Comma to the Top chipped his left ankle. Both horses finished the race further damaging their injuries. Fortunately both horses […]

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Best Friends and Hope for Pit Bulls

Pit Bull Terriers have probably been one of the most maligned breeds of dog. Best Friends Animal Society is doing something to change the mistaken image of this dog. Best Friends has launched a program called Shelter Partners for Pit Bulls. The project encourages responsible pet ownership, works to increase adoptions, reduces euthanasia and improves […]

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Middle East

The Middle East is the region of Western Asia and North Africa. It includes Egypt, Israel, Iran and Turkey, among others. Sometimes Afghanistan and Pakistan are also included in the Middle East. The Middle East is home to two major deserts – the Arabian desert and the Syrian desert. Animals in these deserts can survive […]

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Iran’s wildlife includes bears, gazelles, wild pigs, wolves, jackals, panthers, Eurasian lynx, and foxes. Domestic animals include sheep, goats, cattle, horses, water buffalo, donkeys, and camels. The pheasant, partridge, stork, eagles and falcon are also native to Iran. Conservation Since the 1979 revolution in Iran, conservation of wildlife has been given very low priority. About […]

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Traditionally, all animals in China have been considered as food sources and not as pets. During the Mao era it was considered decadent to own a pet. There was barely enough food for people, let alone for animals. In recent years, pet ownership has become popular, especially in the big cities where many people live […]