Kentucky Derby Losers

Eight Belles

Just to underscore our articles Horse Racing and Horse Racing Endings, 2 horses who ran in the 2011 Kentucky Derby have been severely injured.

Archarcharch suffered a fractured left front leg and serious cartilage damage. Comma to the Top chipped his left ankle. Both horses finished the race further damaging their injuries.

Fortunately both horses underwent successful surgeries.

As Dr. Patty Khuly reminds us in her blog Fully Vetted, racehorses will continue to run on injured legs and are considered by people who don’t understand or care about the dangers, as courageous for doing so.

Our take on horse racing – it’s another cruel sport that maims or kills beautiful, loving animals. In the process, people who go to the races often bet their hard-earned and sometimes last dollars, depriving their families of their needs.

Sure horses love to run, but let them run on their own terms.

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