Dumping Gestation Crates

Sow Gestation Crate

Gestation crates are 2 x 7 feet enclosures which are barely larger than the sows they hold. The animal can’t turn around, lie down comfortably or move in any direction for her entire life. After 2 or 3 years of living through several pregnancies in these crates and when the sow’s body can’t produce any longer, she is taken in similar conditions in truck to be slaughtered.

The HSUS can proudly claim another victory in the struggle to have these gestation crates eliminated from use.

Wendy’s, the second largest restaurant chain in the U.S., announced it will require U.S. and Canadian pork suppliers to submit plans for phasing out gestation crates for breeding pigs. McDonald’s, the largest restaurant chain, had announced previously that they would require plans from their suppliers for elimination of gestation crates, and others joined the gestation crate-free movement in February of 2012.

The HSUS says that while the pork industry may not listen to consumers and animal welfare advocates, they will have to listen when the largest pork buyers say “no more” to gestation crates. If all else fails, hit them in the pocketbook.

Pigs are highly intelligent animals and make great pets. They deserve to be treated humanely and with dignity as do all animals.

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