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HSUS – Humane Management

The HSUS informs us that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken a step to protect free-roaming horses and burros and other animals. The EPA has announced the official registration of the first contraceptive vaccine for horses in the United States. The vaccine is known as ZonaStat-H or procine zone pellucida, PZP. The HSUS, sponsors […]

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HSUS – “Soring” Horses

The Horse Protection Act, passed 40 years ago, was meant to eliminate the practice of “soring” horses. As the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) explains, the “soring” of horses consists of using chemicals and other substances causing extreme pain in horses’ hooves and legs. It is used in show competitions to give them […]

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HSUS-Spectators at Animal Fights

While a few states have penalty laws for spectators at animal fights, there is no federal law making it a penalty to attend them. Admission fees and wagering on the fights are the fuel that spurs the continuation of dog fighting and cockfighting. There is a bill before Congress, the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act, […]

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HSUS News on Pets and Invasive Experiments

This is an article from the HSUS website: Posted: 24 Feb 2012 03:39 PM PST This month, the National Institutes of Health announced that beginning Oct. 1, 2012, grant recipients cannot use NIH funds to buy cats from “Class B dealers.” The U.S. Department of Agriculture licenses these dealers as middlemen to round up dogs […]

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HSUS-McDonald’s Statement

In a statement made with HSUS and McDonald’s, the largest restaurant chain in the world, it was announced that it will no longer use gestation crates for breeding sows in the United States. It began 10 years ago when Florida voters made their state the first to ban gestation crates for breeding pigs. Since then […]

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HSUS – More News on Sharks

The Chinese recently celebrated 15 days of their year 4709, the Year of the Dragon and only a small minority of people chose to serve shark fin soup. According to the HSUS, the tide is turning in favor of the sharks. The Hong Kong-based luxury hotel group, Shangri-La, announced it will stop serving shark fin […]

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HSUS on Sharks and Bulls

On Friday, October 7th, 2011, Governor Jerry Brown of California signed legislation banning the sale and possession of shark fins in the Golden State. Defenders of the cruel activity of shark fin fishing claim that as it is mainly Chinese-Americans who consume shark fin soup, that the legislation is racist. Most Chinese-Americans support the actions […]

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Change in Animal Testing – Botox

Thanks to a 7 year battle by the HSUS, Botox manufacturer Allergan has developed and has federal approval for a new procedure that doesn’t require animal testing. Botox is the anti-wrinkle treatment. The LD 50 test (Lethal Dose 50%) consists of giving animals various doses of a substance in order to determine the amount that […]

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HSUS Ranks States on Animal Welfare

The HSUS has ranked states on their roles in animal welfare for 2011. Here are the results. California comes in Number One. The state has enacted nearly a dozen new laws in 2011 for the welfare of animals. New Jersey and Oregon tied for 2nd place and Illinois and Massachusetts tied for 4th place. The […]

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HSUS News – Extreme Confinement for Cows

The Ohio Livestock Care Standard Board reversed its decision of last month and voted to phase out the extreme confinement of veal calves. The Board received over 4,700 comments in favor of stronger humane standards. See more: Animal Rights and Your Food Ohio Governor Kasich’s team has allowed an emergency rule on the private ownership […]