HSUS on Sharks and Bulls

Shark Fins Drying

On Friday, October 7th, 2011, Governor Jerry Brown of California signed legislation banning the sale and possession of shark fins in the Golden State.

Defenders of the cruel activity of shark fin fishing claim that as it is mainly Chinese-Americans who consume shark fin soup, that the legislation is racist. Most Chinese-Americans support the actions of the HSUS and the ban on shark fin fishing.

Those who know the HSUS and their tireless anti-cruelty to animals work, know they do not support racism in any form. The HSUS is concerned only with the welfare of all animals.

In other news, a victory in the province, Catalonia in Spain which has outlawed bullfighting. We hope this sets an example for the rest of Spain and wherever else this horrendous sport continues.

To quote the HSUS, “Compassion for animals is a universal value and a measure of heart and wisdom, not ethnicity or heritage.” Compassion for animals nearly always translates to the same for humans.

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