Animal Farming

Farm Pigs

Farm animals are a great blessing to the humanity. Horses, Cattle, Chickens, Sheep, Pigs, Turkeys, Dogs, Goats, Ducks, Geese are the farm animals. These are the domestic animals. When we hear about Farm House, we may remember George Orwell when he describes the solidarity of all four legged animals as a satire against humans who betray each other.
We may remember our school days when we sang, “Old McDonald had a Farm, or Three blind mice… or Mary had a little lamb and so on. Man needs great qualities to breed the farm animals. He needs great tact to treat all animals with care, with watchful eyes and with great patience and hard labor.
It is a great research work. To farm animals certain requirements are absolutely necessary.

  1. Environment. To farm animals one needs a vast isolated area with plenty of water, pond or lake, greenery and the fertile grass. The one who keeps the farm must provide wide space to move in a sober airy area, Otherwise farm may cause the rapid spreading of harmful diseases. It should be isolated from the human habitat because of cleanliness, the odor that a farm creates may cause suffocation in breathing to the people.
  2. Huge Capital. To conduce a farm a lot of expenditure is needed. It is not enough just to provide water grass and the grain . Farm is to supply sufficient food items like eggs, meat to the urban areas. To produce one needs to feed these farm animals. One needs to graft scientifically to assure health and fertility. It is a huge expenditure that breeds huge income. If the input is not sufficient the outcome will be a great loss.
  3. Dedicated and honest Personnel: For the success of farming capital, land food water are necessary. But if the dedicated personnel be lacking it will be a huge loss.
  4. Trained staff. To run a farm one needs trained staff, there is a necessity for a veterinary doctor and animal health care centre the nurse and the health assistant. One should know well to give injection to generate, must be expert in treating the animals for the delivery of the little ones and treating against sickness.
  5. An able administrator and accountant. It is very necessary to calculate accurately the income and expenditure and the whole administration of running the far,
  6. Arrangement for Research work. It is very common today a lot of people opting for animal husbandry and doing research work even certain modern outcome like that of cloning.
  7. Arrangement for the stay of visitors. There should be space and accommodation for the visitors who visit the farm for picnic or research work
  8. Survey and publishing the research statistics. There should be great communication to attract people and collaborate with the Government and private sector enterprises.
  9. Good transportation. It is a great need of the Farming. The bulk quantity should be provided and supplied so the good roads, highly sophisticated vehicles and expert personnel are necessary.

When all collaborate with dedication Farming will be very successful.

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