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Living with a Lame Pet

If your pet is lame, either temporarily or permanently, you will have to make some changes in its care. Caring for a lame dog Lameness in dogs is very common and can be due to injury or a chronic condition. The first thing to do when you notice this problem is to take your dog […]

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Storing Horse Feed

Safely storing horse feed and hay ensures that there’s always healthy, clean food on hand. Proper storage prevents mold, insect and rodent contamination and other contaminants that can grow on food. The best quality hay is bought at harvest time. Reducing moisture content is vital to safe storage. Hay that is baled with too high […]

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Choosing a Horse Trailer

Purchasing a horse trailer is a major financial commitment. Research the different types well and assess your horse’s needs as well as your own. The 3 most common types of horse trailers are Stock, Straight-laod and Slant-load. The Stock Trailer is an open air trailer and usually has slatted sides. Some horses enjoy the feeling […]

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Do Horses Like Being Ridden?

Some people believe horseback riding goes against a horse’s nature. Since it’s only predators that leap on a horse’s back to kill and eat them, it doesn’t seem that carrying a human would be natural. Fortunately horses are willing to learn to accept human riders as long as they are treated well. Horses that have […]

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What are some illnesses affecting Horses?

Vaccinations against certain illnesses will help keep your horse healthy. Your vet will determine which vaccines are necessary and how often to inoculate. Horse illnesses often mirror similar symptoms so regular veterinary checkups will help as a preventive to illness. If you see any behavioral changes or signs of illness in your horse, always consult […]

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Ulcers in Horses

According to research published in 2005, 63 percent of horses involved in competition sports, ranging from dressage to racing, suffered from colonic ulceration. The research was conducted by Frank Pellegrini, DVM. The study found that 54 percent of performance horses suffered from both gastric and colonic ulcers and that 97 percent of performance horses had […]

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Taking in a Rescue Horse

This article will give you an overview of what to expect those first few, critical days. As horse lovers our hearts break when we see horses in need. This article will help clarify what role you can take and how best to care for your new rescue if you go that route. I have taken […]

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Second Careers for Racehorses

Retired racehorses often begin “second careers” in other sports, as studs/broodmares or as therapeutic pets. At the Welfare and Safety of the Racehorse Summit at Keeneland June 28, 2010, speakers stressed the need for racehorses to be treated well in order for them to have the ability to start a second career. If pushed too […]

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Pony Mad!

When I was a child, more years ago than I like to admit to, there were no such things as computers, ipods, mobile phones or any of the devices we now rely on daily. Television (and I can remember a time when we didn’t *have* television) was on from 6pm to 11pm, and back then, […]

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What do I need to keep a horse?

One of the things to consider about owning a horse is the expense – the initial outlay and the cost of feed, grooming, shelter, veterinary care and general maintenance. If that doesn’t present a problem, here is some equipment you may need. Consider if you have enough land to keep a horse or at least […]