Do Horses Like Being Ridden?

Horseback Riding

Some people believe horseback riding goes against a horse’s nature. Since it’s only predators that leap on a horse’s back to kill and eat them, it doesn’t seem that carrying a human would be natural.

Fortunately horses are willing to learn to accept human riders as long as they are treated well.

Horses that have pleasant learning and riding experiences will even run up to greet their human. Horses that are treated cruelly, forced to submit, whipped or otherwise caused pain by being ridden, learn to fear and despise the experience. In this instance it’s the horse that undeservedly gets the bad reputation. Their owners will never enjoy the companionship that owning a horse will bring.

Obviously the way you treat your horse affects your entire relationship. It’s important to learn good riding skills so that you don’t inadvertently frighten or hurt your horse. But, treated with kindness, your horse will forgive any mistake you might make.

Handle your horse gently, always speak softly using a reassuring tone, don’t make sudden movements around your horse. Be patient when asking your horse to respond to a command or while training. Always use praise and reward methods.

You’ll be rewarded with a horse who will respond eagerly to you and will be a lifelong companion.

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