Communication Is Key with Dog Sitters

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Are you obsessed with who sits for your dog? Do you want to give the right instructions with the sitter covering just about all the aspects? We understand why you are concerned and so will the dog sitters once they realize how special and important your furry friend is in your life. It is important to communicate certain key points with the sitter to make things clear and it is also important to give them detailed instructions. Since nobody knows your dog better than you, it is your job to help out the sitter. If you have more than one dog, then having dog sitters to look after them simply makes more sense.
Keep the Following Instructions in Mind

1. Food and treats that your dog prefers and is used to on a regular basis should be recommended to the dog sitter. It is important to tell them where the supplies are kept.

2. If the dog is housetrained, then let the sitter know exactly what the duties are that he or she needs to undertake.

3. You may have taught your dog certain commands and certain manners so you can tell your sitter what they are and how you can make your dog understand certain things.

4. Walking the dog is an important part of the daily activities. If you follow a certain routine then let the sitter know what it is and how the entire procedure of leash walking works.

5. If you have any other specific habits, such as taking your dog to a dog park, going for rides in the car or giving them special treats every Sunday, etc. then just make sure you don’t miss a single detail with the dog sitter. It is good to give an idea as to the recommended schedule or routine that you want the dog sitter to follow.

6. If you want the sitter to teach your dog some specific tricks, then you can mention these to him/her as well.

7. In dog sitting, it is crucial to give the sitter a good idea on where they can reach you any time of the day. In case your dog is unwell and needs to be taken to a vet, then you should be contacted as soon as possible by the sitter.
If you want to add more instructions, feel free to do so.

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