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Poseidon and the Horse

Poseidon is known as the Greek god of the sea. He is said to have created horses along with sea creatures and earthquakes (possibly due to tsunamis in Greece). When Poseidon was content, seas were calm. But when Poseidon was angered or ignored, he was said to strike the ground with his 3 pronged Trident, […]

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Single Women and Cats

We have all heard the stereotype of the single woman who has many cats and showers her love on them in lieu of seeking a relationship with a man. But is there any truth to this stereotype? Statistically, it is not true that more single women raise cats. Households of parents with children are twice […]

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Pets in Literature

Animals have always had a central part in storytelling. Ancient storytellers who drew their stories on cave walls told stories about animals. Aesop’s Fables were composed around the 6th century BC and use animals as examples for human behavior. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks told stories about mythological animals and the Bible is full of […]

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Pets in Art

Artists have been depicting pets since the beginning of time. Often the subjects of the artwork are posed with their beloved pets and sometimes the pets are included in the piece in order to hint at something else. Contents 1 Cats in art 2 Dogs in art 3 Birds in art 4 External links Cats […]

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Native American Animal Symbols

Native Americans believe the “Great Spirit”, what others think of as God, is in all living things, creatures and plants and they show great respect for everything in nature. Animal symbols represent their spirit guides. Native Americans revere animals. In the past, when hunting, they would ask permission of the animal they were hunting. They […]

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Idioms Relating to Animals

Many idioms in the English language relate to animals. Here are some of the more popular ones: 800 pound gorilla A little bird told me Albatross around your neck All bark and no bite As the crow flies At a snail’s pace Back the wrong horse Beard the lion in his own den Beating a […]

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History of Pet Parrots

Parrots are one of the most ancient pets. Egyptian hieroglyphics show images of birds, including parrots. The ancient Greeks and Romans admired parrots, and rich families kept them in ornate cages and had their servants care for them and teach them to speak. In the first century, Pliny the Elder described a bird similar to […]

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Anthropomorphism of the Family Pet

Anthropomorphism is the humanization of the non-human, and more people are treating their pets as part of the family. The pet industry is growing in leaps and bounds, the number of pet-owning Americans continues to rise and the number of vets is on the rise too. According to the American Animal Hospital Association, today’s pet […]