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How to Choose a Vet

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a vet. Below are some tips and recommendations on finding a qualified vet for your pet. Contents 1 Where to find a vet 2 Questions to ask a prospective vet 3 Special issues relating to dogs 4 Special issues relating to cats 5 Special issues […]

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Should You Adopt an Exotic Pet?

Exotic pets are usually defined as anything other than the typical domesticated animals. Exotic pets include snakes, lizards, weasels, tropical birds, wild animals and more. If you’re thinking of adopting an exotic pet, here are some points to consider: Contents 1 Advantages of owning an exotic pet 2 Disadvantages of owning an exotic pet 3 […]

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Waste Management

One of the issues pet owners have to deal with is waste management. It is important that waste is disposed of properly for our own health. Every time it rains, thousands of pounds of pet waste wash down storm drains into bodies of water which eventually make their way into our drinking water. Bacteria associated […]

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Dealing with Bad Pet Neighbors

Most complaints about neighbor’s dogs are incessant barking at all hours, cats and dogs pooping in your garden and leaving dogs off-leash outdoors with no fence to contain them. Let’s tackle incessant barking at all hours first. There may be ordinances in your area that do not permit any type of excessive noise before and […]

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Microchip ID

Microchip IDs are used to identify pets who have wandered away from home. They are more secure than collars since they are embedded under the skin and can’t fall off and get lost. Each microchip has a unique number which matches the owner’s information in a central database. They can be inserted in dogs, cats, […]

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The Importance of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

Did you know that more than 3 million dogs and cats are put to death every year because they are homeless? And that doesn’t include other types of pets. The estimated number of homeless animals across the United States in shelters is approximately 6-8 million. Those are staggering figures! Some pets are adopted, but the […]

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Grooming Your Pet

Contents 1 The importance of grooming 2 Dog grooming 3 Cat grooming 4 Horse grooming 5 Grooming other pets 6 More information on grooming The importance of grooming Keeping your pet clean is important for its health and its appearance. Grooming your pet helps avoid problems and also alerts you to parasites or skin diseases […]

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New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Care

New Year’s is the perfect time for resolutions. We often make pretty grand ones and then forget about them the next day, but there are some fairly realistic resolutions you can commit to which will make your pet happier and healthier. Here are some ideas: If you haven’t adopted a pet yet, or have room […]

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Do You Really Want a Pet?

Congratulations on your interest in sharing your life with another living thing. There are a few things that you should think about before you take those final steps. Remember, when you choose to own a pet, you are taking on a major responsibility. A pet is a living being with feelings. You are making a […]

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Cat Care

Adopting a cat is lots of fun but also comes with plenty of responsibility. Cats need a proper environment, diet, exercise, company – whether human or feline, and good health. If you are new to cat ownership you will find some good solid advice here on the basics of cat care. If you have been […]