Waste Management

One of the issues pet owners have to deal with is waste management. It is important that waste is disposed of properly for our own health. Every time it rains, thousands of pounds of pet waste wash down storm drains into bodies of water which eventually make their way into our drinking water. Bacteria associated with pet waste is the source of approximately 25% of the bacteria in drinking water. Adults working in their gardens, children playing outdoors and pets can be infected from the bacteria and parasites found in pet waste.

In order to protect your health:

  • Don’t leave waste lying around your garden.
  • When walking your dog, use disposable bags to wrap up the waste and close carefully before throwing in the trash.
  • Bury waste far from vegetable gardens.
  • Ask your local parks department to provide pet waste stations in area parks, along trails and in public places.

There are products available on the market to help you deal with your pet’s waste:

  • Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Disposal System – If you let your dog do its business in an enclosed area, you can install the Doggie Dooley. It works like a miniature septic tank, utilizing enzyme and bacteria action to reduce your pet’s waste to a ground-absorbing liquid. Install it by placing it in a hole in the ground and adding water and digestive powder.
  • Another environmentally conscious method is to scoop dog poop with biodegradable bags instead of regular plastic bags. Cats can use eco-friendly cat litters which don’t contain mined minerals.
  • Waste management services can be employed on a daily, weekly or one time basis to clean your house and yard of all animal waste. They will scoop up and bag waste and hose down your deck or patio.
  • Pooper scoopers – These devices consist of various long-handled rakes, shovels, and/or spades that enable the owner to scoop up that poop without having to bend down and get close to it. They are best for use in your own garden since they are heavy to carry around while walking your dog.

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