Pet Airways

Pet Airways is an airline which flies pets as passengers, not as cargo. Each pet is transported in a USDA-approved pet carrier, which is included in the airfare price. Most of the passengers are cats and dogs but nearly all species can be accommodated. Aggressive animals can be transported too, provided that the airlines is informed in advance so that it can take proper precautions.

“Pawsengers” must have a valid health certificate and a negative fecal examine within 14 days of travel. They must have been vaccinated for Rabies (dogs and cats), DHLPP, Bordetella (for dogs) and FVRCPP (cats).

The airline flies out of New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Omaha, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale and Atlanta. Each flight makes an overnight stop in Omaha, where the pets are treated to drinks, food, bathroom breaks and playtime at the Pet Airways lounge in Omaha.

During the flight, the pets are cared for by a pet attendant who checks on the animals every 15 minutes. Pets are generally not given food or drink during the flight to avoid motion sickness, but if necessary will be given some water. The attendants can administer medication if necessary.


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