Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United Kingdom
Coat Type: medium long, fine and silky with no wooly undercoat
Color: Silver, can be tipped black, blue, brown, chocolate,
lilac, red, cream, tortoise
Temperament: affectionate, calm, gentle, playful, intelligent,
curious, friendly, bonds closely with its person

Where did the Tiffanie come from?

The Tiffanie breed, not to be confused with the Tiffany/Chantilly, is a fairly new breed. It is also referred to as the Long-haired Burmilla. The Tiffanie is a result of an accidental mating between Burmese and Chinchilla Persian breeds. The Tiffanie made its first appearance in the United Kingdom.

What does the Tiffanie look like?

The Tiffanie is a medium size cat weighing between 8.8 and 15.4 lbs. Head is wedge-shaped. Eyes are yellow to green. Ears are tufted and can be either medium or long. Tail is plumed. The coat is medium long, fine and silky with no wooly undercoat. Color is silver and can be tipped with black, blue, brown, chocolate, lilac, red, cream or tortoise, giving coat a shaded appearance. The fur doesn’t tangle but should be brushed once a week. Lifespan can be 17 years and more.

Does the Tiffanie make a good pet?

The Tiffanie is affectionate with a calm, gentle temperament. It will bond closely with it’s person following wherever that person goes, vocalizing along the way. Tiffanies are intelligent, very curious, friendly and playful. Most can be taught to fetch as well as other commands and can learn to open doors. Because they are curious and can get into trouble, they should remain indoors or in a secure yard. They get along with everyone and other pets too.

Possible Health Issues

No known health issues at present.

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