York Chocolate

York Chocolate
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Coat Type: medium long, smooth, silky
Color: chocolate, chocolate with white, lavender or lavender with white
Temperament: very affectionate, a lap cat, may be wary of strangers

May’s Cat of the Month

The York, named after it’s home state of New York, is a cuddly ball of fur content to sit in your lap all day.

  • Where does the York Chocolate come from?

Named for its home state of New York and Chocolate for its coloring, the York Chocolate was originally self-bred from farm cats in 1983.

  • What does the York Chocolate look like?

The York Chocolate can have a medium to large body. The head is medium size, slightly wedge-shaped. The tufted ears are large and pointed. eyes are medium size and almond-shaped. Colors are gold, green or hazel. The plumed tail is medium to long depending on body size. The coat is medium-long, smooth and silky. Colors are chocolate, chocolate with white, lavender and lavender with white.

  • What is the personality of the York Chocolate?

The York is a cuddler. It is a lap cat and loves attention from its family. The York is fascinated by water and will accompany you bathing or washing dishes. Yorks can be wary of strangers, but are loyal, loving companions to their family.

  • Where can I adopt a York Chocolate?

surfvictoria.com/pages/adoptapet has free listings of Pet adoption organizations.

Possible Health Issues

No known health problems at the present time.

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