Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Coat Type: medium long, silky, thick
Color: Siamese-like colors & markings
Temperament: docile, non-aggressive, loving,
good with children & other pets

Where does the Ragdoll come from?

The Ragdoll originated in California in the 1960s by Persian cat breeder, Ann Baker. The breed is relatively rare outside the U.S. It is the largest of all domestic breeds.

What does the Ragdoll look like?

The Ragdoll is a large cat with a long, solid body, large paws and a rounded wedge-shaped head. It can weigh 10-20 lbs., sometimes more. Eyes are oval and color is blue. The coat is full, long (although not as long as long-haired cats) and silky. Coat colors are Siamese-like with markings on mask, ears and tail and a white underbelly. The mitted Ragdoll has white front paws.

Does the Ragdoll make a good pet?

The Ragdoll has an extremely docile temperament. It goes limp when held and is calm and quiet. It should be kept indoors due to the fact that it is non-aggressive and will not defend itself. However it can be leash-trained if you prefer to take it out for walks. Ragdolls will often follow their humans around just a dog would. The Ragdoll is very good with children and other pets, loving with the family.

Where can I adopt a Ragdoll?

There are Ragdoll rescue organizations throughout the U.S. listed online. Try www.catchat.org/adoption/pedigree.

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