Domestic Long Hair

Domestic Long Hair
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Coat Type: long haired & short haired
Color: all colors & patterns of cat
Temperament: lively, loving, independent

October’s Cat of the Month

A native of America, the Domestic Long Hair is an indoor cat and needs daily brushing of its lush fur.

Where do the Domestic Long Hair and Domestic Short Hair come from?

The Domestic Long Hair and the American Short Hair share the same ancestry, the only difference being the length of the fur. They are the result of cats being brought to American aboard ship where they were used to hunt rats.

What do the Domestic Long Hair and Domestic Short Hair look like?

The Domestic Long Hair is not an outdoor cat. The Fur often becomes matted which makes the cat uncomfortable and grooming difficult. Gentle daily brushing will keep the fur tangle-free. The Domestic Short Hair does not need much grooming as it is able to clean itself more easily. They both come in every color and pattern seen in cats. Weight can vary from 11-22 lbs.

Do the Domestic Long Hair and Domestic Short Hair make good pets?

While their ancestry is unknown and they are not purebred, personalities can vary. Some can be more independent than others. But treated with kindness and a gentle hand, they all make lively, loving pets.

Where can I adopt a Domestic Long Hair and a Domestic Short Hair?

The best places to look for these cats are the humane societies and no-kill shelters located around the country.

Possible Health Issues

No specific health concerns.

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