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Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Wales
Coat Type: medium long, soft, lustrous, dense
Color: any color except chocolate, lavender & Himalayan
Temperament: intelligent, loyal, gentle, good with children & other pets

Where does the Cymric come from?:

The Cymric is described as a mutation of the Manx. The Cymric has been around as long as the Manx – for centuries. These cats were thought to have been brought to the Isle of Man by settlers and explorers. Cymric (KIM-ric) is the Welsh name for Wales.

What does the Cymric look like?

The Cymric is a compact cat of medium size. The head is round with prominent cheeks. Tufted ears are medium size. The eyes are large and round. Hind legs are longer than front ones. There is no tail. The coat is double, medium in length, soft, shiny and dense with a neck ruff. Colors are any color except chocolate, lavender and Himalayan. Regular brushing will keep the coat silky.

What is the personality of the Cymric?

The Cymric is a loyal, intelligent family cat. With patience,they can be taught to do tricks. Since they are so gentle and non-agressive, they make good pets for homes with children. They get along with dogs and other pets. Cymrics are excellent jumpers and can reach high places easily.

Where can I adopt a Cymric?

Check with purebred cat rescue organizations. Pro Pac has a VIB club that lists rescue organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

Possible Health Issues

Sacrocaudal disgenesis (lack of tail sometimes causing spinal defects)

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