Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: England
Coat Type: very short, wavy, soft
Color: all cat colors
Temperament: intelligent, affectionate, playful, cuddly

Where does the Cornish Rex come from?

The Cornish Rex originated in Cornwall, England. A litter of kittens born in a barn in the 1950s had a male with a fine curly coat He was bred back to his mother and two curly coated kittens were born. The female of the two was brought to America and was bred with a Siamese. This produced the long tail and large ears of the Cornish Rex

What does the Cornish Rex look like?

The Cornish Rex is a muscular, slender and small to medium size cat The head is smallish with hollow checks. Its legs are long and straight with small oval paws. Eyes are oval and medium size. Ears are set high, wide at the base tapering to rounded tips. The tail is long fine and tapered. The coat is very short and should be wavy, extremely soft to the touch. As the Cornish Rex has no undercoat, it is meant to be kept indoors where it will look for a warm spot to lie in. All colors are acceptable.

Does the Cornish Rex make a good pet?

The Cornish Rex loves people and is very affectionate. It is very playful and will continue to be so throughout its lifetime. It has been know to play fetch and catch and to lift and toss small items about with its paws. The Cornish Rex also likes to cuddle with its family. It makes an excellent pet as it loves being part of family life.

Where can I adopt a Cornish Rex?

Go to the site “Cornish Rex Friends”. They work to rescue and protect the breed. Other rescue links are: The Northwest Sphynx and Rex Rescue, Ohio Sphynx Rescue and The Rexphiles.

Possible Health Issues

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (thickening of the heart muscle), patellar luxation

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