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Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: Japan Coat Type: shorthair Color: spotted or marbled in a variety of colors Temperament: loving, playful, good with children Cat of the Month for November Don’t let the wild appearance fool you. Bengals are loving and playful especially with children. Where do Bengals come from? Bengals are a cross between […]

Cat Breeds Japanese Cats

Japanese Bobtail

Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: Japan Coat Type: 2 varieties, long & medium long, both soft & silky Color: bi- & tri-colors, strong contrast preferable Temperament: intelligent, brave, active, talkative, good with children & other pets February’s Cat of the Month The Japanese Bobtail is an intelligent cat that can be taught tricks and loves […]

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Kurile Island Bobtail

Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: Japan, Russia Coat Type: short & medium long varieties Color: solid or bi-color without colorpoints Temperament: intelligent, gentle, affectionate, playful, good with children & dogs Russia and Japan both claim the the Kurile Island where these Bobtail cats have lived for many centuries. The Bobtail’s body is stockier than the […]