Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Japan
Coat Type: 2 varieties, long & medium long, both soft & silky
Color: bi- & tri-colors, strong contrast preferable
Temperament: intelligent, brave, active, talkative,
good with children & other pets

February’s Cat of the Month

The Japanese Bobtail is an intelligent cat that can be taught tricks and loves playing with children.

Where does the Japanese Bobtail come from?

The Japanese Bobtail while comparatively new in the U.S. has lived in Japan for many centuries. There are many old paintings portraying these cats. It was known as the Mi-Ke. The Bobtail was introduced to the United States in 1968.

What does the Japanese Bobtail look like?

It is a medium size cat, well muscled, long and lean. The Head is triangular in shape. The ears are large, erect and set wide apart. Eyes are large and oval with a pronounced slant in profile. Legs are slender with hind legs noticeably longer than the forelegs. Paws are oval. The coat is medium length although there is a long-haired variety as well. It is soft and silky and does not shed much. The unique tail is usually carried upright and is about 2-3 inches long. Stretched full length, it is about 4-5 inches long. Hair on the tail is longer and thicker than on the body and grows outward in all directions giving it the appearance of a pom-pom or rabbit’s tail. Coat colors are bi- or tri-colors, vivid contrasts and bold marking preferable.

Does the Japanese Bobtail make a good pet?

Japanese Bobtails are brave, intelligent, active cats. Bobtails enjoy playing in water. They are good with dogs, large or small and other animals. They are very good with children. The Bobtail can easily learn to do tricks, play fetch and compete in feline agility. They are talkative but with soft voices. They are wonderful companion cats.

Where can I adopt a Japanese Bobtail?

Most purebred cat rescue organizations can direct you as to where to adopt a Japanese Bobtail. You may also contact the Japanese Bobtail Rescue League, email – [email protected].

Possible Health Issues

No known health issues to date.

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