Siamese Cat
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Thailand (once Siam)
Coat Type: short, fine, close to body
Color: point colors – seal, chocolate,
blue, lilac, all on light color body
Temperament: talkative, extrovert, playful,
active, sometimes independent

Where do Siamese cats come from?

While there are many stories surrounding the exact origins of the Siamese, they are known to come from Siam, what is now Thailand.One story relates that they were bred by the king of Siam to jump from the palace walls onto intruders. Another story is that the Siamese were used to protect valuable vases and goblets. They wrapped their tails around the object and stared at it so long, their eyes crossed. Still another story is that the royal  princesses of Siam put their rings on the cat’s tail causing it to develop a kink preventing the rings from falling off. Some theorize the Siamese was the Temple Cat of Burma or even the Sacred Cat of Ancient Egypt. Whatever the origins it is known that the King of Siam gave two cats to the English Consul-General in Bangkok who took them to London where they were exhibited in the Crystal Palace in 1886. Siamese cats given as a gift to an American friend of the king  arrived in America in 1890.

What does the Siamese look like?

The Siamese is a sleek, svelte , medium-sized cat. The profile is flat. The head is a long tapering wedge beginning at the nose and flaring out in a straight line to the ear tips and forming a triangle. Ears are very large and pointed. Eyes are almond shaped and slanted toward the nose, brilliant blue in color. Legs are long and slim with small, dainty, oval paws. Tail is long and thin tapering to a point. The coat is short and fine, lying close to the body. Siamese colors are seal-point, chocolate-point, blue-point and lilac-point with a light colored body.

Does the Siamese make a good pet?

The Siamese is an extrovert and very talkative. They are very active and can be independent, often bonding with one person. They are very playful and have charming ways about them. They are extremely intelligent and can be taught tricks easily. They make wonderful pets.

Where can I adopt a Siamese?

In every state there is a rescue organization for purebreds and possibly especially for Siamese. Try these-

Possible Health Issues

Respiratory and dental problems due to wedge-shaped head, strabamus (crossed eyes), tail kink, bladder stones, progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma, heart problems, cancer.

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