Turkish Van

Turkish Van
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Turkey
Coat Type: long, silky, soft
Color: red, cream, blue, black, tortoiseshell, all with white
Temperament: gentle, affectionate, usually bonds with 1 person,
trainable, good with other pets

Where does the Turkish Van come from?

The Turkish Van is a breed of cat originated from the lake of Van in Turkey and which is the ancestor of the Turkish Angora. These cats, growing up near the lake, love swimming and playing in water.

What does the Turkish Van look like?

The Turkish Van is a long, muscular cat. The head is wedge-shaped with a long nose. Ears are large. Eyes are large and blue or amber or one of each. The coat is soft and silky, similar to a Persian cat in winter. It sheds most of its coat in summer. Colors are red, cream, blue, black, tortoiseshell, all with white. An all-white variety, the Van Kedisi, is favored by Turkish people, especially when it has one blue eye and one amber eye.

Does the Turkish Van make a good pet?

The Turkish Van is a gentle, affectionate cat. While it loves all the family, it usually attaches itself to one person. The Turkish Van enjoys being in water, even swims and loves to be bathed. It is very active and playful and should have lots of toys. It is very intelligent and can be taught tricks. The Turkish Van also gets on well with other pets. While they don’t enjoy being held for long, they are very loving.

Where can I adopt a Turkish Van?

Try the following websites:

[email protected]

[mailto:[email protected] tvan@hayes

Possible Health Issues

Generally healthy, but watch weight.

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