Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Iran (Persia)
Coat Type: silky, long fur with soft undercoat
Color: solid, silver & golden, shaded & smoke, tabby, bicolor & particolor
Temperament: calm, quiet, affectionate, gets along with other pets

Where does the Persian come from?

The Persian cat is originally from Iran, once known as Persia. There may have been similar long-haired cats in Egypt as they are pictured on the pyramid walls in hieroglyphics.

What does the Persian look like?

Persians have silky, long, luxurious fur with a huge neck ruff, a soft undercoat and a plumed tail. The head is round and broad. Legs are thick with large rounded paws. The muzzle is short. Some breeders opt for the very snub nose, but this causes breathing problems for the cat. Be sure to find a breeder who feels the health of the cat is a top priority. Eyes are large and round and come in colors complimentary to the coat. Small ears are round and set far apart. Coat colors are solid, silver and golden, shaded and smoke, tabby, bicolor and parti-color. The coat needs daily grooming.

Does the Persian make a good pet?

This beautiful cat has a temperament to match. The Persian is calm and quiet and will get along with other pets. They can be playful and are loving and affectionate cats. Persians are probably the most popular breed of cat.

Where can I adopt a Persian?

There are a number of purebred cat rescue organizations online.  Here are two. – This organization is in Northern California, but has national listings.

Possible Health Issues

Polycystic kidney disease, progressive retinal atrophy, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, bladder stones and infections, liver shunts.

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