Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Indonesia
Coat Type: long, silky, close to body
Color: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red,
tabby, tortie or white
Temperament: intelligent, very affectionate, playful

November’s Cat of the Month

This relative of the Siamese is playful and active. With a loving personality, this cat will follow you everywhere.

Where does the Javanese come from?

Relatives of the Siamese, the Javanese also originated in the Far East, on the Indonesian island of Java.

What does the Javanese look like?

The Javanese is a medium sized cat with long legs and small paws. Although they may look thin, they are not. The head is wedge-shaped and the neck is long. Ears are large and triangular in shape. Eyes are almond shaped and a deep blue.The 3-4 inch coat is soft and silky,lying close to the body. The Javanese has a very distinctive tail. The tail fur is longer and fuller than the body fur creating a plume-like effect. Javanese have no undercoat which makes grooming easy, especially since they are very clean cats.

Do Javanese make good pets?

Javanese love people and try to get physically as close as possible to a person. If you want a lap cat and one who follows you around the house, the Javanese is for you. They are very playful, active cats. They will talk to you to let you know what they want. They are very intelligent and are easily taught to do tricks. Javanese are loving and affectionate pets.

Where can I adopt a Javanese cat?

Check on the internet for any purebred cat rescue organizations. Try “Homeless Animals Lifeline Organization.” Also the Internet Cat Club features lists for purebred cat rescue groups.

Possible Health Issues

Progressive retinal atrophy, hereditary liver amyloidosis (amyloid protein in liver causing organ failure), strabismus (hereditary disorder of optic nerve causing cross-eyes).

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