Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Coat Type: medium long, soft
Color: blue tipped silver
Temperament: intelligent, affectionate, active,
loves family, good with other cats

August’s Cat of the Month

This lap cat’s name means “Creature of the Mist” referring to its coat color-blue tipped with silver.

Where does the Nebelung come from?

In the middle 1980s, Cora Cobb who owned two cats similar to the Russian Blue, but with medium length coats, a male Siegfried and a female Brunhilde, decided to start a new cat breed because they were so beautiful. After consulting with the American Cat Association’s geneticist, Dr. Solveig Pfleuger, she bean a breeding program resulting in the Nebelung, which looks like a Russian Blue, but has a longer coat. Nebelung means “Creature of the Mist” which probably refers to the color of its coat.

What does the Nebelung look like?

The Nebelung’s medium-sized body is well muscled and long. Ears are large. Eyes are yellowish green to green. Its plumy tail is long with longer hair than the body and lighter in color. The hair is blue and tipped with silver.

Does the Nebelung make a good pet?

The Nebelung is a good-natured, affectionate, intelligent cat. It is very active but content living inside. Although somewhat shy with strangers, they are very loving with their family. They are very playful and get on well with other cats. The Nebelung often becomes a lap cat and is very happy with its family.

Where can I adopt a Nebelung?

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