Russian Blue

Russian Blue
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: Russia
Coat Type: short, plush, dense
Color: Blue with silver tips
Temperament: intelligent, quiet, affectionate, sensitive, playful

Cat of the Month

The Russian Blue’s beautiful dense blue coat with silver tips is soft and silky to the touch.

Where does the Russian Blue come from?

The Russian Blue, a naturally occurring breed, was introduced to Europe in the 1860s by British sailors who stopped on Russia’s northern coast in the port of Arkhangelsk, 150 miles south of the Arctic Circle and brought them aboard. Nicknamed the Archangel Cat, the breed traveled with the Cossacks on their ships. According to legend, the cat brought good luck and possessed healing powers. They were shown at England’s Crystal Palace in 1875. They came to America about 1900.

What does the Russian Blue look like?

The Russian Blue is a medium sized cat, Oriental in type with a wedge-shaped head. The face is broad across the wide-set eyes that are vivid green in color. Ears are set far apart, large, with leather showing through the fur. Legs are long with slightly rounded paws. The tail is long and tapering from its thick base. The nose is slate gray, paw pads are pink or mauve. The coat is short, dense and plush. It’s so dense, the double coat stands out from the body. It has a very soft, silky feel. Color is bright blue with silver tips.

Where can I adopt a Russian Blue?

There are a number of purebred rescue organizations listed online.

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