Highlander cat

ā€ˇHighlander Cat
Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Coat Type: short and long-haired
Color: spotted patterns, lynx points &
solid points in a wide range of colors
Temperament: devoted, intelligent, playful,
good with children & other pets

October’s Cat of the Month

Highlander Cat with its distinctive curled ears is a great pet, devoted, intelligent, and playful.

Where does the Highlander cat come from?

Highlanders were developed beginning in 2004 from the foundation of the Highland Lynx, the Desert Lynx and the Jungle Curl, all wild cat hybrids, mixes of wild and domestic cats. Highlanders are a new and rare breed of cat.

What does the Highlander cat look like?

Highlanders are large cats, males weighing 15-20 lbs. and females, 10-14 lbs. There are some even larger. The ears, the most distinctive feature, are loosely curled. Eyes are large, gold to green with blue in lynx points. The tail is naturally short. Coat can be short or long-haired. Colors include spotted patterns, lynx points and solid points. Ears should be cleaned once a week. Brush long-haired variety weekly.

Do Highlander cats make good pets?

Highlanders love interaction with their family and are very devoted pets. They will carry on a conversation with you seeming to understand what you say and contributing their ideas. They have set personalities and are highly intelligent. They love to play and are clown-like in their antics. Be sure to purchase sturdy toys that won’t injure the Highlander as it is very strong. They are great with children and other pets.

Possible Health Issues

No known health issues in the fairly new breed.

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