Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Coat Type: short, smooth
Color: browns, silvers, black all with spots or marbling
Temperament: intelligent, can be trained like dogs,
good with children & other pets
  • Where does the Savannah come from?

The Savannah is a cross between a serval and a domestic cat. This rare breed was first produced in 1986 by Judee Frank, a breeder of Bengal cats. It is named for the grasslands of Africa called Savannahs.

  • What does the Savannah look like?

The Savannah is a tall cat, one of the largest of domesticated breeds.  The body is long as are the legs and neck. The Savannah can weigh 20 lbs. and more, even over 30 lbs. Ears are large and have white markings on the back that look like eyes. This is a defensive feature to confuse other animals. The coat has a wild appearance, the pattern depending on what the cat was bred to. With their long legs, they are very high jumpers.

  • Does the Savannah make a good pet?

The Savannah is very intelligent and will train easily. They get along with other pets and children. They are excellent hunters. The Savannah requires more attention than the average cat and can be good pets for people willing to take on the responsibility. They love water and enjoy bathing.

  • Where can I adopt a Savannah?

Online try and The fact that these cats are rare makes them rather expensive to purchase.

Possible Health Issues

Generally healthy, but ketamine sensitivity (do not administer), taurine deficiencies (feed meat, poultry, fish)

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